Business Process Management as a Strategy to Make Organizational Innovation


Business Process Management as a Strategy to Make Organizational Innovation


Fabrizio Baldassarre, Francesca Ricciardi, Raffaele Campo,

Classification JEL



Currently it is necessary for companies to innovate products and services in order to create value for customers, reducing costs and improving business performance. It is essential to start from the analysis of the organizational structure, ensuring the adjustment to market needs, through the redefinition and monitor of business processes. With reference to innovation, it is not only a technological or digital, but also organizational. In fact the concept of technology can be interpreted more broadly, recognizing that “technology” is incorporated in all activities of the business system. To realize an organizational innovation, it can be possible to adopt a winner strategy to grant the survival of companies, in term of grew of productivity and cut of costs: Business Process Management is a methodology of approach to the process improvement, that make it possible to pass from uncooperative to a synergy strategy. Thanks to the adoption of Business Process Management methods, supported by specific software tools and the use of new ICT technologies, it is possible to streamline the operations management, the identification of risk indicators and performance, ensuring the rapid adoption of corrective policies and improvements. The present work provides an academic support, through a focus on the approach of improvement, in an integrated and comparative perspective with the methodology of Reengineering; it has emerged from the literature, as a most significant part of the studies put more attention to Reengineering approach. From a practical point of view, this work aims to provide a concrete contribution by proposing an example of business process management analysis, according to a perspective of improvement, demonstrating the usefulness and potential of this method.


Business process management, organizational innovation, strategy.

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