Gender Differences in Tourism Marketing Product Perceptions


Gender Differences in Tourism Marketing Product Perceptions


Maria Johann, Sanjoy Ghose

Classification JEL

L83, M31.


This study explores package holiday travelers’ perceptions of tourism product attributes from the gender perspective. The research results reveal that significant differences exist in perceived levels of tourism product attributes between men and women. The perceptions of females were higher than those of males for all the statistically significant features in each of two categories of tourism product attributes. Tour package features such as hotels, price/quality relationship, and standard of the bus as well as selected experience attributes, including tourist attractions, nature/countryside, shopping opportunities, safety, cleanliness, tourist information, and possibility to communicate in English were evaluated significantly higher by females. Several managerial implications for both tourism marketing strategists and tourism marketing product providers are discussed in this study.


tourism, perceptions, gender.

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