The Implications of Ethics and Responsibility in Public Management


The Implications of Ethics and Responsibility in Public Management



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Public values are currently an essential aspect in the decision-making process in the public management sector. The “public value” theory plays an important role in the process of identifying managers on maintaining the competence of the organization in the eyes of the public. The essence is the acceptance of full responsibility by the leaders and the organizations they lead, for the good of the citizens and for the politicians who make public policies. The article brings forward the concept of responsibility in public management and its relationship with ethical principles. We will try to highlight and present how the policies anti-corruption, ethics codes improvements, increasing the application of norms regarding the principles of ethics and responsibility in Public Management has had a considerable impact both on the public administration sector and on society in general. As research we try to present the evolution of ethics and the fight against corruption in the Ministry of Interior Affairs and in the institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, with applicability in all other state institutions.


ethics, responsibility, corruption, public management.

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