Customer Vs. E-tailer: How Tablet Affects Mobile Commerce

Customer Vs. E-tailer: How Tablet Affects Mobile Commerce



Customer Vs. E-tailer: How Tablet Affects Mobile Commerce


Sunday Adewale Olaleye,

Classification JEL



Purpose – Mobile devices most especially tablet create chances and challenges for mobile commerce vendors as they seek to increase their profits and optimize online shopping. This study examines consumer behaviour with regards to tablet usage for consumption across two countries in two continents. Design/methodology/approach – Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis was conducted to validate the constructs while structural equation modelling (SEM) was employed to test the hypotheses based on 550 respondents. Findings – The findings show that reputation of e-tailer’s website is a strong predictor of trust and loyalty to use a mobile tablet for online shopping. Future research can concentrate on the impact of using tablet for sales increase or how social media apps can influence mobile commerce by using Tablet with a focus on generation X and Y of developed and developing countries. Research limitations/implications – This research impacts and extend the growing body of knowledge on usage of mobile devices. Practical Implications – This study reveals the need for e-tailers to combine their in-house strategy with emerging technology and create a technology plan that targets the soft spot of the consumers. Since customers are very important, there is a need for the online vendor’s globally to target the tablet users when they are optimizing their websites for effective visibility and usability. This action plan will facilitate a cordial relationship between e-customer and e-tailer. Originality/value – This study on mobile marketing in the context of tablet usage is paramount to the marketing practitioners and the scholars. There is more publicity about the study on practitioner’s electronic and print media but a scanty research domain in the academia, due to this limitation, this study on e-tailing will extend marketing literature and contributes to filling the research vacuum.


Relationship marketing, Customer engagement, Customer relationship management, Mobile devices, Mobile marketing, Website reputation, E-tailer.

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