Human Resource Management in Social Welfare System

Human Resource Management in Social Welfare System



Human Resource Management in Social Welfare System


Elmira Naberushkina, Olga Volkova, Oksana Besschetnova,

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The article presents the results of the research of employees’ labor motivation, who work in social welfare system. The issues of the existing personnel policy and the degree of its effectiveness are considered in order to attract highly qualified specialists to this particular working area. The study was conducted in 2016 in social service organizations, located in Belgorod region (Russia). At the preparatory stage of the research, the analysis of federal and regional law, as well as the internal documents of social service organizations, regulating the employment issues was carried out, which makes it possible to reveal the declared principles for this employment cluster. At the next stage, a questionnaire was developed to interview employees, working in social service organizations. The sample was based on the proportional selection of respondents by districts, types of organizations, gender and age. As a result, four key clusters of employee motivation were identified: (1) professional career and self-realization (only 20% of respondents have this type of labor motivation, the majority of them are young people with an experience of up to 5 years); (2) the stability of employment and the guarantee of wage (about 50% of respondents, whose professional experience is more than 10 years, work in social welfare system mainly because of low but stable wages and guaranteed social package); (3) motivation of temporary employment (15% of respondents are not focused on long-term employment in social sphere, some of them either use the current job to get the working experience, or the rest of others waits to leave for a new and more desirable place of work); (4) motivation to maintain comfort (this cluster includes about 15% of people who are going to retire soon and prefer comfortable working conditions as well as have the permanent place of work prior the retirement).


human resources, management, social welfare system, social service organizations, research.

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