The Development of Innovative Product Concept: A Case of Organic Rice in Thailand

The Development of Innovative Product Concept: A Case of Organic Rice in Thailand



The Development of Innovative Product Concept: A Case of Organic Rice in Thailand


Pensri, Jaroenwanit, Supot Deboonmee, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong,

Classification JEL

M31, M39


Due to today competitive business environment and the dynamic of consumer behavior, especially their never-ending wants and demands, the product development is therefore essential for any organizations. In the new product development process, the concept development (product idea, product concept and product image) and testing are important steps prior to making decision on commercialization. This research aims to explore the new ideas in developing the innovative products using new raw material, Organic Rice, as an ingredient. It also investigates the new product concept acceptance and attitude of consumers on the new Organic Rice products in Thailand. This research applied the mixed research methods: qualitative research (literature review and in-depth interviews with 15 certified Organic agricultural manufacturers and processors) and quantitative research (field survey with 213 respondents). The results from qualitative content analysis included the clear details of new product concept development and the relevant target markets for the Organic Rice snack bar and the extracted Organic Rice facial press-powder products. Further, the quantitative research using the questionnaire survey was conducted to test the consumer’s new product acceptance and attitudes on both Organic Rice products. Using SPSS program, the results showed the positive product acceptance of Organic Rice snack bar products with sweetened plant ingredients, rather than using sugar, with reasonable price. The respondents indicated positive buying intension if the product is produced and available in the market. Similarly, the extracted Organic Rice facial press-powder product, positive product acceptance was evident on the mild rice scent in the product, with reasonable price. However, the respondents were unsure whether they would buy the product in the future. This research contributes to the application of new product development in Thailand and other countries with similar products in providing insights to related businesses and practitioners in developing and testing new product concepts.


Innovative Product, Product Development, Product Concept, Organic Rice, Thailand.

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