Specific Applications of Weather-Based Marketing

Specific Applications of Weather-Based Marketing



Specific Applications of Weather-Based Marketing


Evgeniya Tonkova,

Classification JEL



The rapid penetration of new technologies in business and using them largely by consumers is a prerequisite for designing new applications for the purposes of marketing. Binding marketing decisions with big data is already a necessity which provides purposefulness, accuracy and speed of processes and tools. The interdependences between weather and the users that are surveyed and registered on the offline market are considered even more significant in designing the online set of marketing tools. The positive effects of applying weather-based marketing will generate extra interest in implementing and designing innovative applications. It is expected that a step forward will be made by the high-tech companies and those which update their marketing more actively. The article reviews current applications of weather-based marketing, the response to changes in weather and the possibilities for integrating the decisions for off- and online markets. The results of the research of weather-based marketing in Bulgaria will help to explain its condition at the moment and the opportunities for enlarging its scope in the future.


weather based marketing, real time marketing, marketing automation.

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