Comparative Advantages of Territories – the Residents’ View

Comparative Advantages of Territories – the Residents’ View



Comparative Advantages of Territories – the Residents’ View



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Territories just like any other entity are “on the market” competing between each other on different levels depending on the stakeholders they are interested in attracting or keeping satisfied. In regards to the residents of the territory they usually compare the provided levels of quality of life, security, medical services provided, educational services, job opportunities, rates of payment for labor, purchasing power of average wages, entrepreneurship opportunities, cultural and social events and so on. No matter what the specific reason for competition territories are under a constantly growing competitive pressure. To strive in these conditions, they need to use their comparative advantages in order to build their competitiveness. Comparative advantages however are not always easily identified as various stakeholders of a territory see different characteristics as advantages. In order to comprehensively list all of them the territory needs to research the opinion of all diverse stakeholders since they are attracted by the territory for different reasons. The view of the local residents is important as they are a vital part of the community and their satisfaction with the territory they live on is a source of building a stronger community and overall competitiveness over similar territories. The present paper discusses the view of the residents of Varna municipality in Bulgaria on what comparative advantages the territory has if they are used in the best way possible, if they are effectively and efficiently utilized, and if they can be used to build its competitiveness for the people living there.


comparative advantages, territories, stakeholders.

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