Instruments Used for Marketing Experiments

Instruments Used for Marketing Experiments



Instruments Used for Marketing Experiments


Andreea Larisa BOBOC, Daniel MOISE

Classification JEL

C93, M31.


What can normally be observed on the market, is often considered like the premises of developing marketing as a science, but what is seen, is it always true? It remains to be investigate. It is possible to study what is really happening without any intervention, but in order to obtain different and significant results, there can be manipulated certain independent variables for analyzing their influence, by measuring the effect on dependent variables reflected in consumer’s behavior. Marketing experiments have proven to be highly effective in identifying relevant results over time, representing a method of research into the different phenomena encountered on the market for various products and services. In fact, marketing experiment method measures the cause and effect relationship. This paper proposes to contribute to the development of the specialized literature by presenting the tools used for a marketing experiment. It has been used as a method of investigation, analysis of the secondary databases. Against the backdrop of technology development, an inventory of new tools used in applying such a research method is needed to highlight scientific researches as a modern and current tool in marketing research.


marketing experiment, instruments, eye tracking, facial analysis.

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