Trends in Bulgarian Consumers’ Behavior Regarding Bio Foods

Trends in Bulgarian Consumers’ Behavior Regarding Bio Foods



Trends in Bulgarian Consumers’ Behavior Regarding Bio Foods


Milena Todorova, Svilena Ruskova

Classification JEL

M31, M39.


Purpose: The present paper aims to identify if Bulgarian consumers (on the example of Ruse region) follow the world trend for increased bio foods consumption defining the changes in the attitudes and behavior towards the bio foods in Bulgaria and in the major factors influencing the different consumers’ reactions (adoption and resistance), so that companies could use these results in their marketing decisions. Methodology: First, secondary data is gathered through different sources showing the trends in bio foods production and consumption. Second, empirical data have b.4 milleen collected through two researches conducted in 2017 and 2019 in Ruse region in Bulgaria. The “complex random sample” method is used for sample units selection. The population sizes in 2017 and 2019 are respectively 195 447 and 200 164. The minimum sample size for representativeness of the studies is 384 units. This number of respondents have been inquired. The questionnaire is exactly the same in the two researches for comparing the results. The methods of descriptive statistics and comparative analysis have been applied. Major findings: The level of awareness about bio foods increases but also does the distrust in the organic origin of these products on the Bulgarian market. This is one of the major reasons for resistance to bio foods. On the other hand, main factors influencing the adopters’ decision to buy include the importance of healthy life style and the better health effects of bio foods compared to conventional. Conclusions: Consumers’ profiles are formulated by analyzing the influence of different factors on their behavior towards bio foods and the various reactions to these factors resulting in adoption or some kind of a resistance. The results would be useful for bio foods producers, distributors and retailers. The paper offers some possible measures for overcoming the identified obstacles to the adoption of bio foods.


consumer behavior, bio foods, factors for adoption or resistance.

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