Marketing Activities of Cities in Urban Mobility Management

Marketing Activities of Cities in Urban Mobility Management



Marketing Activities of Cities in Urban Mobility Management


Agnieszka Pokorska

Classification JEL



Dynamic urban development and lifestyle changes, as well as increased awareness of the negative impact of transport on the environment, result in continuous growth and changing transport needs. Changes in transport behaviour are closely related to congestion, traffic accidents, emissions of exhaust fumes and noise, which in turn affects the quality of life. Therefore, a sustainable approach to urban mobility and transport planning is becoming more and more common in all EU countries. The concept of sustainable urban mobility assumes the modelling of the urban transport system according to the principles of sustainable development. The recommendations for urban mobility, as set out in the European Union documents, require many actions, including those related to the promotion of the desired transport behaviour of urban residents. Promotional activities are an indispensable tool for building social acceptance of the introduced changes and engaging and encouraging inhabitants to co-create urban transport system compliant with the concept of sustainable mobility. The aim of the article was to analyze selected marketing activities in the context of urban mobility. The author made a critical analysis of the literature on sustainable urban mobility, and also created her own definition of it, showing the way to its creation. In the next part of the article, she reviewed selected marketing activities aimed at balancing urban mobility, showing the progress made over the years. The conclusion of the analysis is that city dwellers are increasingly aware of the negative impact of transport on the environment and their quality of life and are therefore willing to use sustainable urban mobility tools through appropriate marketing measures. An overview of sustainable urban mobility with the marketing activities selected by the author and their analysis has been not carried out until now, which gives added value to the work.


marketing activities, sustainable urban mobility, sustainable development.

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