Necessity for Semantic Web Development in User Interaction

Necessity for Semantic Web Development in User Interaction



Necessity for Semantic Web Development in User Interaction


Alexandra – Cristina Dinu, Violeta Rădulescu, Anca Francisca Cruceru

Classification JEL



Cyberspace compiles an enormous “network” of data created, transformed and informational resources designed to disseminate its products by users. Most of this data is designed to respond to users’ requests, information that is often not hierarchical or structured. In an attempt to identify a number of concepts or information from the virtual environment, users are faced with the problem of accessing a large amount of data, and their “comprehension” and processing by the computer do not coincide with those of users. Although the amount of structured data available on the Web has increased significantly over the past few years, there is still a significant difference between the amount of structured and unstructured data available online. This has resulted in an acute need for accessible data identification, as well as a need for filtering, interpreting and summarizing information for the benefit of its users, with the help of newly developed programs and technologies. Semantic web eases the process with which large amounts of data is collected and distributed. Such programs that have the ability to “describe” user-entered content in the virtual environment. Semantic Web, through its standards and technologies, is constantly searching to provide solutions for such a paradigm while using the RDF data model. By introducing Semantic Web in the user, as well as the computer, disentangle the enormous amount of data available online. This, in turn, helps the user to better surf de internet. The current article concentrates on the process of how Semantic Web is used and created in order to help the user get more accurate results while surfing the web.


Semantic Web, Social Media, ontology.

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