Funding scientific research in Romanian economic universities

Funding scientific research in Romanian economic universities



Funding scientific research in Romanian economic universities


Mihaela Constantinescu, Andreea Orîndaru, Ștefan-Claudiu Căescu

Classification JEL

I23, M31.


Knowledge has always been a never-ending growth space where the more we discover, the more there is to be discovered. Within this framework, research has played an enormous role as an organized and clearly determined space that generated fundamental change for everyone involved. The increasing number of discoveries has happened simultaneously with the increasing number of research areas that awake interest. But since the same research funds were insufficient in covering the new research topics, various funding alternatives have emerged in the recent years. And the biggest question that emerges relates to researchers’ familiarity with all the available opportunities in terms of research funding. In this context, the current research was developed, aiming to tackle with Romanian researchers’ awareness, interest and future plan when referring to winning a research grant. Major findings of the current research show that, despite extensive general research experience, Romanian researchers lack experience in applying for international grants and, to some extent, they even lack awareness about the available calls they could apply to. This finding opens the door for a shift in communication strategy about these grants, and also a new perspective in terms of institution’s research strategy.


scientific research, international funding, economic universities.

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