Factors Affecting CRM System Adoption: Evidence from Romanian SMEs

Factors Affecting CRM System Adoption: Evidence from Romanian SMEs



Factors Affecting CRM System Adoption: Evidence from Romanian SMEs


Mihaela-Rodica Ganciu, Andreea Barbu, Ramona-Alexandra Neghină, Valentin-Andrei Mănescu, Gheorghe Militaru

Classification JEL



In a broad sense, it includes the activities of the departments of marketing, sales, financial and technical support relative to customers, potential customers, suppliers and partners. It helps companies to maintain and develop customer relationship, improving profitability and streamlining processes eventually. Also, this system has gained the reputation of being a significant business tool and among the first technological contributions of companies in the 21st century. The main objectives of this study are: identifying the most important factors against Customer Relationship Management adoption, the link between them and also discovering the most important demographic or cultural factors that influence the adoption of this type of digitization in Romania. The data collection was done by a quantitative research using the questionnaire method as a survey tool and it was made up of questions measured with Likert scale, containing variables based on the construct’s relevance to business process digitization. All hypotheses about the links between the dependent variable and the independent variables are first developed, then tested using reliability, validity and multiple regression tests. It was used a statistical software, analyzing 7 independent variables, as follows: perceived usefulness, knowledge sharing, IT project management, change management, information quality, intention to implement, technology driven strategy. Perceived usefulness will be the dependent variable. Finally, this can be seen also with the help of the Structural Equation Model, after the validity of the model has been verified, to highlight the importance of this system. A significant effect is represented by quality information, perceived ease of use, change management and knowledge sharing on the degree of adoption of this system.


Business process digitization, Customer Relationship Management system, SMEs, Romania, Structural Equation Model (SEM).

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