City Marketing – Bucharest Case Study

City Marketing – Bucharest Case Study



City Marketing – Bucharest Case Study


Mihai-Ioan ROȘCA, Angela MADAN, Horia BOIAN

Classification JEL

M00, M30, M31, M39.


The current reality of social distancing and isolation brings big cities in front of a new reality. The investigated purpose of the article is to identify recent opportunities and challenges of cities. As well as understanding the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing strategies for Bucharest marketing. The basic experimental design of the study is organized in three chapters. The first part of the study analyzes integrated marketing communication and marketing strategies. In the second part, the marketing process of the city is evaluated, while in the third part the case study for Bucharest is researched. The basic methodology of the article is exploratory research and a survey of 459 respondents who know about Bucharest. Its purpose is to understand the phenomena and marketing processes of the city in order to know their essence. This is a crucial period for all big cities and metropolitans. Cities need to review their strategies and marketing to find a way to makes a difference or to get back to the usual pace of life they had before social, economic and health crises at least. The major findings of this paper are assessments of the impact of marketing on city image. Findings of research identify trends of successful marketing strategy for the Bucharest. The implication of the study results represents a basis for future studies in the improvement of marketing strategies in metropolitan regions. The added value of the paper is the identification of options for the marketing strategy that lead to the strategic development in Bucharest. The original contribution of the authors is discussing the degree of involvement that marketing plays in the image of cities in this period of restrictions.


City marketing, integrated marketing communication, marketing strategy, Bucharest.

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