Color Perception Analysis on Consumers

Color Perception Analysis on Consumers



Color Perception Analysis on Consumers


Denisa-Roxana Muntean, Ștefan Claudiu Căescu, Adrian-Ovidiu APOSTOL

Classification JEL

M31, D15, E32, D47.


In the present paper we have realized a pchychological study that aims to determine how color affects our day-to-day decisions. The key aspects of the study are drawn by strategically using colors which make the customers feel in a certain way about a brand which tends to be constantly in trend. The study focuses on how colors define the image of a brand, representing a sales strategy and it includes 3 main categories: classic colors, trend colors and gradient colors. Based on a questionnaire, consumers’ preferences regarding the influence of colors in choosing a product were analyzed. Colors are the meaning of a visual perception which create, together or separately, a harmony in our lives through accents, nuances or shades. A long time ago, the historical periods were identified through style, architecture, shapes and colors. These are taken as a base for the present period, inspiring the market in order to recreate the past times in a modern way, also known as a “trend”. Personal involvement and outlined opinions contribute in creating a personal approach in color analysis on consumers by strengthening already existing concepts. Through new insights in this segment of colors, many industries could build themselves a modern strategy in line with consumers’ perception.


Marketing, trends, consumer behavior, colors.

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