Marketing Campaign for Sports Clubs. Case study: Archery Club Saga

Marketing Campaign for Sports Clubs. Case study: Archery Club Saga



Marketing Campaign for Sports Clubs. Case study: Archery Club Saga


Malina-Simona Mihalcea, Mihaela Constantinescu, Alexandru Ion Olteanu

Classification JEL



Over the years, along with the technological development and the migration of numerous activities from the offline to the online, we have come to live in a world where sedentarism prevails. In this context, now more than ever, sport has an essential role in the harmonious development of the young generations, as well as in maintaining the physical health of each individual. In Romania, since our first participation at the Olympic Games in 1900, sport has occupied a place of honor and athletes have been continuously supported to reach performance, while aiming to popularize and normalize an active lifestyle among the general population. However, coming out of the communist era (early 90’s) meant also the end of coherent strategies for sport and, thus, no more results in European and international competitions. When looking at a local level, this responsibility falls in the hands of local sports clubs so that every citizen can be given the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of doing sports, while sport passionate shall have, through appropriate coaching and guidance, the chance to reach performance. As such, this paper aims to emphasize the key role that marketing has in the sport industry and the importance of the promotional activities for the growth of local sports clubs. More specific, this paper comprises a description of the sports market, and at a local level, the situation of archery in Bacau city through an analysis of SAGA, the only archery club in town. The paper presents the results of a quantitative research aiming to uncover the attitudes, perceptions and behavior of Bacau citizens regarding sports in general, and in particular, archery. Based on these results, and on the current situation of SAGA sports club, in the last part of the paper we propose a promotional campaign for this club.


Sports clubs, Sports marketing, Marketing research, Promotional campaign.

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