Factors Driving Customer Satisfaction for Shopee Malaysia

Factors Driving Customer Satisfaction for Shopee Malaysia



Factors Driving Customer Satisfaction for Shopee Malaysia


Josephine Ie Lyn Chan

Classification JEL

L81, M31.


The Covid-19 pandemic caused the e-commerce adoption rate to skyrocket. Shopee Malaysia was among the few e-commerce platforms that have managed to ride the wave of the e-commerce boom in Malaysia. This study aimed to examine the factors that drive customer satisfaction for Shopee Malaysia, including customer understanding, customer service, and technology. The study used a quantitative method through an online survey. In total, 164 participants took part in this research. The results indicate that although customer understanding contributes significantly towards customer service, it does not influence customer satisfaction unless through customer service or technology. Customer service and technology are significant predictors of customer satisfaction. Additionally, technology is a strong mediator for the relationships of customer understanding and customer service with customer satisfaction. Therefore, Shopee Malaysia needs to improve the areas of its e-commerce platform technology since it significantly impacts customer satisfaction. It is hoped that Shopee Malaysia and other interested parties can benefit from the results of this study.


customer satisfaction, customer understanding, customer service, technology, Shopee Malaysia.

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