Emerging Trends in Customer Management in a Changing World

Emerging Trends in Customer Management in a Changing World



Emerging Trends in Customer Management in a Changing World


Anne Dibley, Moira Clark, Andrew Myers,

Classification JEL

M31, M15


The number of customer management related research publications has increased significantly over the last decade (a 70 per cent increase); where key areas or themes have mainly focused upon subjects such as customer satisfaction, customer service, customer loyalty, customer relationship management and customer value. The number of published articles relating to customer relationship management appears to be on the decline, having peaked in 2013 (a 25 per cent decrease); whilst other key themes have remained fairly steady. This would suggest that new trends in customer management are emerging, or are on the increase. The objective of this paper is to explore and highlight current and future trends in customer management by means of a literature review of marketing and related journals/texts spanning the last twelve months. The outcomes of this review and their relevance to marketing and customer management include themes relating to getting the organizational culture right, as well as adapting and connecting better with customers. Furthermore themes relating to personalization and designing customer journeys, as well as understanding the influence of innovation, co-creation and social media, can all influence brand credibility among customers. The themes highlighted all relate to ways in which companies can enhance their engagement and interaction with customers in a changing world; a world that is changing because of advances in technology and a proliferation of online communication, alongside increasingly powerful and demanding customers. Today’s customers prefer to buy from companies who, not only genuinely understand their needs, but also understand how their offerings fit into their customers’ lives. This paper summarizes trends that are relevant to both academia and business, where customers’ expectations of companies are higher than ever before. Looking beyond customer relationship management can help companies better understand these new trends and innovations and how they can prepare better for the future.


Customer management, Organizational culture, Customer innovation, Customer engagement.

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