Marketing Approaches to Attract Investments in Municipalities

Marketing Approaches to Attract Investments in Municipalities



Marketing Approaches to Attract Investments in Municipalities


Evgeniya Tonkova, Sevdalina Hristova, Dancho Petrov,

Classification JEL

M31, R58


In recent decades there has been an increase in competition between municipalities, including among the towns themselves. The free movement of people, goods and capital within the EU and the liberalization of regulations affecting global investment have contributed to the strengthening of investor interest and its territorial deconcentration. Efforts to attract investments are made not only on national but also on local level. The activity of municipalities in this sphere is an important step towards ensuring sustainability in the development of the territory. The attraction of investments that correspond to resources, capacity and demand at municipal/municipal group level will be a top priority over the coming decades. The paper examines modern marketing approaches and means of attracting investments and embracing them within the integrated marketing of territories. Emphasis is placed on the possibility of using high technology in marketing to attract investors. The results of a survey of the practices for attracting investments, which are implemented by the municipalities in Bulgaria, are presented and guidance is given for their improvement, with a view of their more precise targeting, selection and balancing.


municipality marketing, investments, integrated marketing.

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