Experiential Marketing and Advertising Efficiency – a Marketing Experiment

Experiential Marketing and Advertising Efficiency – a Marketing Experiment



Experiential Marketing and Advertising Efficiency – a Marketing Experiment


Cristiana Sangiorzan, Mihaela Constantinescu,

Classification JEL



The present paper describes a marketing experiment which studied the influence of music on advertising. It was shown that with the help of music, ads can be viewed for longer periods, demonstrating once again that humans are rational beings, as well as emotional and hedonistic, in the sense that they make choices and take decisions according to their feelings. People choose a brand as per the values that the brand represents, if it matches the customer’s personality and based on the experience the brand has to offer. Considering that preferences ease the process that allows the brand to be permanently encrypted in the mind of consumers, the hypothesis of the present research states that the more a person associates the brand with individual preferences, such as musical ones, the more he will watch the ads playing that specific music. The methodology used throughout the experiment sought to observe changes in consumer behavior when they are subjected to different musical genres while watching an ad playlist. The ad playlists were created by the authors of this paper, choosing only ads featuring products from the perfume industry. To simplify the research, there was only one music style investigated, namely alternative rock, and the participants included in the experiment were only people who considered this music genre as their favorite music style. The playlists were used to observe the differences in time spent watching the selected ads with their favorite music playing, in comparison to the ads playing a generic music. There was a particular focus on the behavior of individuals who watched the ads when listening to their favorite music. In this study, the authors demonstrate that music preference directly affects the consumer time investment and attitude towards brands in advertising. With enormous amount of information that the Internet holds about online users, companies can use these results to target customer intentions.


experiential marketing, music, advertising, marketing experiment, brand preference.

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