The Effects of Smoking on the Health of the Urban Population

The Effects of Smoking on the Health of the Urban Population



The Effects of Smoking on the Health of the Urban Population


Ionel Dumitru, Narcisa Ciobotar, Silvia Elena Cristache, Florica Georgeta Rotaru,

Classification JEL



After undergoing a harvesting and processing process, nicotine is a product available in a very advantageous distribution system, such as cigarettes, cigarettes, chewing tobacco or snuff. In both women and men, the spread of all chronic respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma, lung cancer, etc.) is closely related to the level and characteristics of smoking. As a topic of topical interest and national interest, a pilot study was conducted in the first part of the study to determine the perception of smoking and the degree of information about its consequences among the population in Bucharest. Therefore, in order to implement several anti-tobacco programs, it was necessary to collect the data from the primary data source, the urban population (Bucharest), on the perception of smoking by the population, the determination of their dependence and the knowledge related to the effects of cigarette consumption. The target population of research was made up of all 14- to 60-year-olds coming from Bucharest because it was based on the premise that young people are interested in tobacco products from increasingly younger ages. The pilot sample consisted of 150 respondents, segmented by gender, age, occupational status, level of training. Therefore, the originality of this study is emphasized by the merging and correlation of elementary statistical methods with correlation and regression methods, which have the effect of simplifying the calculations and conclusions, knowing that it is very difficult to quantify the multitude of all causal factors acting on a phenomenon or economic process -social.


urban population, pilot sample, level of smoking, questionnaire, correlation and regression methods.

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