Valences of Corporate Social Responsibility in Air Transport in Romania

Valences of Corporate Social Responsibility in Air Transport in Romania



Valences of Corporate Social Responsibility in Air Transport in Romania


Ionuț-Claudiu Popa, Maria Daniela Frățilă, Raluca-Giorgiana Chivu, Florina Botezatu, Ionuț Mosescu

Classification JEL



This concept is also being implemented in our country, with a predilection in recent years, especially following the growth rate in the field of air transport. Social equity refers to actions such as: promoting equal rights, diversity and non-discrimination; ensuring decent working conditions, ensuring health and safety conditions, fostering continuous learning for adaptability to the labor market, recognizing the performance of employees and practitioners, respecting private life and protecting personal data, stimulating the participatory culture, active citizenship and volunteering, respecting cultural values and promoting intercultural dialogue, respecting and promoting human rights. Over the next 20 years, annual passenger traffic is expected to increase further of 68% compared to the year 2000, which implies the development and growth of the number and capacities of operation of air terminals, first of all, modification of flight surveillance technologies and, of course, modernization of aircraft and increase of environmental protection requirements (limitation of noise levels, polluting emissions, etc.) With the evolution of this transport segment, elements such as social equity, transparency, ethical behavior, as well as economic efficiency, have become more important in the stages of designing marketing strategies, quality analyzes, and financial reporting. Through this article, we have tracked how passengers have come to notice the policies aimed at increasing the quality of the services offered, both in the pre- and post-flight stages, as well as during the actual journey. These changes were analyzed through a passenger satisfaction questionnaire, conducted at the country’s most significant cross-border air point, Otopeni.


CSR, aviation, air traffic, Romanian air transport.

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