The Effects of Viral Marketing as an Integral Part of Political, Social Marketing

The Effects of Viral Marketing as an Integral Part of Political, Social Marketing



The Effects of Viral Marketing as an Integral Part of Political, Social Marketing


Maria-Daniela Frățilă, Ionuț-Claudiu Popa, Alina Alecu, Florina Botezatu, Raluca-Giorgiana Chivu

Classification JEL



In the context of the wide-ranging changes in post-communist societies, the crisis of conventional forms of political participation in advanced democratic systems, the understanding of globalization processes in recent decades that influence political institutions and operations around the world, an intense search for new conceptual schemes analysis of the political field. The (economic) market situation is a new direction in politics very actively developed today in political science. It provides the necessary element both for analyzing the realities at the macropolitical level and for describing the concrete social and political practices at the level of the individual and of the group. The application of marketing techniques in politics and politics is often treated as a triggering factor with a negative impact since the level of influence is very high. The marketization of politics tends to deviate processes from their natural course, and by this, it would constitute an external interference to achieve individual, often selfish, goals. All these criticisms have made marketing not always a good reputation, especially in this area, where elections have an impact for at least four years. Viral marketing has had several forms throughout time. If it was initially distributed as mere rumors, currently viewed from the perspective of the Internet, it manages to provide engaging content, sometimes in the form of flash or video clips, spread at high speed, even proving in the political environment, the winning loser ”. This article will analyze the current situation in Romania in terms of political marketing, how it evolved, and how it will be able to influence the European Parliamentary elections in late 2019. This analysis will be done through a questionnaire designed to highlight first of all how viral marketing has changed their decision to go / not vote and how political marketing persuaded them to vote in one way or another.


Viral marketing, political marketing, marketing communication.

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