The Organic Food Market in Romania

The Organic Food Market in Romania



The Organic Food Market in Romania


Mihai Stoica, Mihai Mehedințu, Magdalena Stoian, Alin Stancu, Alina Filip, Mihai-Ioan Roșca

Classification JEL

M00, M10.


Consumers’ concerns in the direction of maintaining personal health and environmental protection, together with the revaluation of these trends by worldwide organizations, have led to the intensification of entrepreneurial initiatives in Romania in the field of organic products. Therefore, we are observing the growth of the organic food market, although at a slower pace than in countries with a tradition in this field. Hence, this paper aims to provide an overview of the Romanian food market, not before highlighting the general context in the European Union. The analysis focuses on the presentation of the development of sales on the marketing channels available at the market level and on the identification of the elements that led to the current market context. Thus, the supremacy of modern retail is noticeable, as a result of the intensified efforts of general retailers in this direction. Finally, we present the defining elements of the Romanian market and highlight the importance of marketing in its development.


green marketing, organic food, marketing channels, retail.

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