Optimal Distribution Management of a Milk Sector

Optimal Distribution Management of a Milk Sector



Optimal Distribution Management of a Milk Sector


Bounefla Alia, Bounefla Mohamed Ali

Classification JEL



Sanitary standards for drinking milk are often affected by unsuitable storage and transport conditions. The composition of milk is sensitive to external factors. The effect of physico-chemical factors on the bacteriology of milk during its storage phase and its transport phase is analyzed by artificial neural networks. Also, a strong acidity is unfavorable to their multiplication. Add to this, the hygiene of the container and the personnel as well as the shelf life play a big role. In order to maintain the milk in optimal conditions, it is necessary to control the storage and transport chain. This study supports the parameters that influence the process. An artificial neural network system is proposed in this analysis. The system input variables represent the factors characterizing these conditions. The output variable is expressed by maintaining the milk within the required standards. As artificial neural networks deal with complex phenomena, their application in this field makes it possible to optimize the conditions of storage and transport of drinking milk.


Milk, Sanitary standards, Transport conditions, Storage conditions, Artificial neural networks.

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